Let's Introduce Ourselves

Steve Mendoza, CEO, and owner of Pro Public Adjusters began his career as a teenager, assisting his father and brother in their construction/remodeling business. He fell in love with the industry and elected to pursue it full-time after completing high school. Beginning in 2006, he turned his focus toward the insurance restoration industry and quickly developed a reputation for helping public insurance adjusters maximize their client’s insurance settlements.

His intimate knowledge of the construction process helped him successfully defend his estimates to the insurance companies. It’s no secret that insurance companies will do everything possible to control costs, sometimes to the frustration and detriment of homeowners. After years of being the “secret weapon” that several California public adjusting companies depended on, he elected to become a fully licensed public adjuster, himself. Pro Public Adjusters, LLC hit the ground running, providing clients with settlements that often far exceeded their expectations. His client’s gratitude is one of the more rewarding components of the job. “I like to think that Mark Twain said it best,” Steve often says, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Steve likes to compare his aptitude for estimating construction replacement costs and the scope of loss to the expertise required of a medical professional. “You have to have an intimate knowledge of the building process, much like a surgeon needs intimate knowledge of the workings of the human body, in order to genuinely do the job well.” Most public adjusters must hire or consult with a builder for these critical assessments. Steve Mendoza is one of the few fully licensed public adjusters, in California, who is also a licensed contractor.

Dealing With The Aftermath

Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of fire, earthquake, collapse, hail, wildfire, or water damage, it’s important to initiate the claims process immediately. Don’t risk putting yourself at the mercy of the insurance companies. Call us today at (424) 653-4268 and we’ll successfully walk you, step-by-step, through the claims process. Or, contact us to schedule your free consultation.