If you’ve suffered a water damage event, whether from broken or leaking pipes, faulty plumbing, accidental overflow, leaking roof, or flooding from a rainstorm, call us immediately at (424) 653-4268. We’ll guide you regarding critical first steps, such as shutting off your power and preventing trespassers from entering the property, to prevent the risk of incurring additional damage and expenses.

During the inspection, we’ll use tools such as thermal imaging to determine the full extent of water damage. We’ll closely inspect the property for difficult-to-detect leaks, carefully inspecting your ceilings, walls, floors and electrical systems, to ensure that mold isn’t allowed to thrive. Mold damage can make a property unsafe and in extreme cases, can make a home permanently uninhabitable. We’ll guide you through the immediate cleanup process necessary to contain the damage, and begin the strategy and planning necessary to help you recover as quickly as possible. With our finger on the pulse of skyrocketing services and materials costs, our water damage claims adjuster in Los Angeles, CA, will make sure that the repair estimate genuinely reflects the cost of making your property whole again.

When faced with a catastrophic water damage event, you need an ally focused on your recovery. At Pro Public Adjusters, our team of water damage claims adjuster in Los Angeles, CA, carefully evaluates your insurance coverage benefits and then work aggressively with both you and your insurance company to address obligatory advances, living expenses and, of course, maximizing your recovery amount for a fair and just settlement. Don’t leave yourself at the mercy of your insurance company. Contact us today for immediate claim assistance.