If you lived through California’s somewhat nerve-racking, seasonal high winds, you know they can get pretty fierce, with speeds of upwards of 30 miles per hour and higher! As a homeowner, that means you may easily spot damage in places like your windows and landscaping, but, what about the damage you might not see? Overlooking the potentially extensive damage to your roof is a common issue. California’s storm systems are often accompanied by intense, high velocity winds, renowned for tearing up shingles, tiles and protective underlayment, leaving your roof’s paneling, rafters and insulation vulnerable to ongoing damage. While turning to your insurance company is the first thing you’ll probably do, how can you be completely sure they’ll be absolutely thorough in accessing your damage? Are you equipped to wade through the fine print of your insurance coverage to knowledgably review and access your insurance company’s calculations and compensation for your losses? Who can you turn to make sure you’re treated fairly in this situation?

Accessing Windstorm damage to your roof isn’t always simple. Sure, we can see the tiles and shingles that may have been blown off, but, is the underlayment still intact? Was there any leakage during the storm that laid the groundwork for mildew and mold damage now or in the future? If the damage was extensive, will you need to find other lodgings during the repair process? With Pro Public Adjuster’s working side by side with you, you can be sure that a thorough damage analysis and accurate replacement estimate will be provided to your insurance company. And, with Pro Public’s proficiency in dealing with Insurance companies and their claim protocols, rest assured that as a wind damage claims adjuster in Los Angeles, CA, we’re working hard to get you fully compensated per the terms of your policy.

Whether dealing with a recent Windstorm or Wind Damage from any Storm, the majority of public adjusters rely on contractors for accurate assessments of your home’s damage and replacement costs. That means potential delays plus, by relying on the expertise of a third party, potentially higher adjuster fees. At Pro Public Adjuster’s, our wind damage claims adjuster Los Angeles, CA, both assess the level and cost of damage and negotiate on your behalf with your insurance company, meaning a potentially significant better outcome for you. Call us today at: (424) 653-4268 to schedule your free property damage, review.