Imagine coming home to find that your home’s been robbed. Or, potentially even worse, you’re in your home during a home invasion robbery. What’s it like immediately afterward? Well, if you’re like many homeowners, the recovery period will likely be somewhat disorienting, if not outright, traumatic. And, you now have to inventory everything that’s missing and provide proof that you both owned the missing valuables and where they were located, prior to the robbery, in order to file a claim with your insurance company. Trying to negotiate a vandalism insurance claim in Los Angeles, CA, with your insurance company, during this stressful time, could prove to be remarkably frustrating and difficult. How many homeowners are equipped to wade through the fine print of their insurance coverage to knowledgably review and access their insurance company’s calculations and compensation for their losses? Honestly, not many. That’s why it’s best to turn to Pro Public Adjuster’s for help.

We understand the critical information your insurance company requires and can help you reconstruct your purchase and possession history. Whether you’ve had jewelry, electronics, antiques or other valuables stolen, we’ll work with your insurance company to make sure all criteria are met, giving you the best possible chance at resolving your vandalism insurance claim in Los Angeles, CA and getting a just and fair settlement.

Our hands-on approach means we’ll come to your home to inspect the damage and start the cataloguing process. This means properly documenting your losses as well as any repair work that the robbery may have caused. We’ll then work closely work your insurance company to make sure all protocols are followed properly, giving you the freedom to restart your life as quickly as possible. It’s fairly common for homeowners to experience a sense of violation after they’ve been vandalized. With Pro Public Adjuster’s on your side, rest assured that you can focus on the emotional effort required to heal, while we take care of the details necessary to maximize your claim and help to restore your peace of mind. Don’t settle for whatever your insurance company’s claims adjuster considers a fair settlement. They work for your insurance company, NOT for you. Regardless of how kind and understanding they might be, their responsibility is, first and foremost to the insurance company. At Pro Public Adjuster’s, the focus is completely on YOU.

File the Police Report; call your Insurance Company and then call Pro Public Adjusters, as soon as possible. We’ll help walk you through many of the questions you have, during this stressful time. “How do we prove the repairs we’ve suffered due to vandalism?” “How do we prove what’s been stolen during the theft?” With Pro Public Adjusters by your side, you’ll have the professional support you need to move forward with your life: quickly, efficiently and effectively.