Whether due to faulty wiring, malfunctioning electrical appliances or the aftermath of a wildfire, determining the level of damage to your home requires nuanced expertise. Is it “simply” light smoke or soot damage or serious fire damage? Has it penetrated your walls, floors, attic insulation, HVAC or possessions and clothing? These questions are critical because while fire damage is relatively easy to spot and chronicle, smoke and soot damage, left improperly remedied, can result in serious consequences down the road. Smoke and soot particles, while invisible to the naked eye, can lead to serious health consequences such as lung, skin, esophageal and bladder cancer. Unless your insurance company uses an industrial hygienist to inspect the damage, your home may not be genuinely restored to its original condition. You might think everything’s been repaired, when in fact your home may now be potentially unsafe.

Did putting the fire out cause your home to suffer water as well as fire damage? Have all instances of potential mold and/or rot been addressed? Will you be ready to deal with the impact of emotional, time and financial stress that will surely result after this kind of catastrophic event? If your home has been damaged during a fire, knowing where to turn first is often a stressful experience. After you’ve notified your insurance company, call us immediately. Whether dealing with partial or extensive damage, our team of fire damage claims adjuster in Los Angeles, CA, will help guide you methodically through the “proof of loss” process, utilizing our comprehensive, “claim strategy,” technique.

Working as your trusted advocate, first, we’ll evaluate your insurance policy to make sure this strategy is aligned with your policy’s benefits. We’ll then thoroughly document all damage to your home and possessions. We rigorously inspect the property to make sure that all “hidden damage” (often responsible for creating problems down the road,) is meticulously identified and properly inventoried. Allow us to help you and your family, recover your peace of mind, by making sure all benefits, such as advances and additional living expenses are seen to and fairly settled. When dealing with the aftermath of a fire, our fire damage claims adjuster in Los Angeles, CA, will fight to help you get the fairest claim settlement, possible.